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Spread some Valentine’s Day Love | Help Celebrate Birthdays for 12 Foster Kids

Spread some Valentine’s Day Love | Help Celebrate Birthdays for 12 Foster Kids

posted by: aschiffer | Friday 2/12/16

Your birthday…you probably have at least one that sticks out in your memory. Cards from family and friends, a birthday cake with your favorite character, and perhaps even a party with your classmates. This is often not the scenario for youth in foster care, but with your help we can change that!

Birthday celebrations can be tough while in foster care. Kids who are in foster care often don’t have fond memories of birthday parties with friends, family or sometimes any kind of celebration.  Prior to care it is common for birthday’s to be overlooked.

Our staff enjoys taking something small to kids during their weekly visit when it is their birthday. It is another way of showing the kids that we do care.  CHOICES is able to utilize extra toy donations for younger kids.

However, we don’t always have something for our older kids…and we have a high number of teenagers in our program. Will you help us wish our teens a Happy Birthday?

Join us in spreading some Valentine’s Day love, and provide 12 foster kids a $10 gift card for their birthday.  In total we are seeking $120 to purchase gift cards for all of our birthdays in February, March and April of youth who are 13 and older.

12 donors…$10 each, and you will help us show some very awesome kids their big day matters and that someone cares! Donate now online by clicking here.

Together let’s end the birthday blues for kids in foster care! Questions? Contact Ashley Pester, Development Director, at or (937) 264-0084 ext. 122.

We were able to provide 13 gift cards to teenagers at the end of 2015, they were so excited! It really is something they respond well to.

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Youth Need | Foster Youth Needs Help with Dance Costumes

posted by: aschiffer | Tuesday 2/9/16

Kaylee is a 13 year old young lady in our foster care program, she has been in care with us for nearly 2 years. Last June she moved to a different foster home and was offered a pretty wonderful opportunity. Kaylee was given the opportunity to participate in dance.

Kaylee was apprehensive at first, but decided it would be good to try something new. The studio that she dances at provides her lessons at no cost so she can have this opportunity.  However, it is getting close to recital time and Kaylee does have to purchase her dance costumes.

She needs costumes for Hip Hop and Contemporary routines at the cost of $178.00.  Can you help Kaylee with this cost so she can perform with her group in the upcoming recital?  Donate easily online by clicking here. Her foster parents have been supportive in providing her the shoes and other items she needs up until this point. We would really love to help her shine on the stage for her big debut!

Dance has been a struggle at times for Kaylee but also provides her with a good healthy routine.  It has provided structure in her life and she has also made new friends.

Donations can also be mailed to us at 1785 Big Hill Rd. Dayton, OH 45439.  Questions? Contact Ashley Pester, Development Director at 937-264-0084 ext. 122 or

Thank you for your consideration in helping Kaylee obtain her costumes. We look forward to updating you about her first on-stage performance!

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#GivingTuesday | Help Send Jason to Washington DC

posted by: aschiffer | Tuesday 12/1/15

Happy #GivingTuesday to you all! The fact of the matter is that year round you all open up your hearts to our kids and support them in anyway you can.  It is only with your generosity our kids get to participate in activities or have urgent needs met when they come into care.

We have a specific request today and it is one of our bigger wishes to fulfill.  We hope you can help!

Jason is 13 years old and has been in foster care for two years. He lives in the same home as his younger brother and has always excelled while being in care.  Jason has the opportunity to attend Washington DC next Spring on a class trip.  He is such an amazing kid, taking advanced classes and maintaining a spot on Honor Roll.  He takes his studies seriously and loves history. He also loves to play basketball, an opportunity you helped to provide last year!

This trip will mean so much to Jason, will you help us send him there?  His caseworker has gotten a reduction on the cost from the company coordinating the trip and his foster parents are helping too.  However, we still have $600 to raise to send Jason to DC!  Any amount YOU can donate today to help Jason will get him one step closer to his goal.  Donate easily online by clicking here.  Remember 100% of your donation will help fund his trip.

Checks can also be mailed to our Dayton office: 1785 Big Hill Rd. Dayton, OH 45439

Not only will Jason get to experience the wonder of our nation’s capitol, but he will create a life long memory. He will learn to leave the comfort of his foster home and be independent among his peers. He will get to share time with friends, he will experience the world of traveling. The truth is a class trip opens up a portal to life experiences.

We hope you will join us this #GivingTuesday and help Jason!

Questions?  Contact Ashley Pester, Development Director, at or (513) 659-8202.

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CHOICES Winter Coat Drive for Independent Living Youth

posted by: aschiffer | Wednesday 10/14/15

Hello Dayton and Cincinnati, we need your help to provide our transitional age youth new winter coats for the upcoming winter season.   Kids in our independent living program depend on the RTA as their main mode of transportation.

We know it can get very chilly in Ohio and we want to do our best to make sure our independent living kids are warm. Youth in this program live in their own apartment, work and/or attend school and are learning life skills to transition to adulthood.

This is the third year we are working with the community to meet this need! This winter we have close to 20 youth in need of a coat.  We can either match you up with a youth and give you their size to shop. Or you can donate to our coat fund online by clicking here. (then we will do the shopping!)

Any donation is greatly appreciated, we will work to provide a coat to any youth who enters the program now through the end of the winter season. Because kids in this program live on their own, the cost of buying a winter coat can be burdensome to their part time job income.

If you are interested in shopping for a coat please contact Ashley Pester for sizing information at or (513) 659-8202.

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Youth Need | Help Krystal attend Homecoming

posted by: aschiffer |

Krystal is a 16 year old young lady in our home-based services program.  She is very dedicated to her schoolwork and working towards success.

Today we want to reward her commitment and  we are asking for your help to send her to her homecoming dance.  We believe every child should be able to have a little fun, especially after working hard in school.

Krystal is in 11th grade and currently enrolled in the EMS program at the Career Technology Center. Her ultimate goal is to become a vet, she loves caring for animals.

Krystal also enjoys playing basketball and has been on the Varsity team for the last two years. She looks for anything that challenges her educationally and does a lot of reading at home too.

Krystal plans on attending the dance with friends, and we would like to raise $100 to help her with her ticket, dress and other expenses. Krystal has told her therapist that this opportunity will make her junior year of high school memorable.  Every donation helps, and you can donate online by clicking here.

Krystal continues to engage with her therapist weekly to meet her goals, and works hard in school. This opportunity would mean so much to her!

Questions? Please contact Ashley Pester, Development Director, at or (513) 659-8202.

Thank you for saying YES to Krystal and showing her that you care!

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